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Welcome to The Bad Companys Home Station

Star Citizen: Arena Commander Released

Service, Courage And Unity



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The Bad Company is a mercenary owned Private Military Company (PMC) that operates with a commerce and paramilitary focus. We haul and trade goods while also having a strong security arm to protect our own and our allies/contracts interests. Founded in the year 2928 by Erick ‘Tynmanz’ off a sizeable monetary grant from Imperator-candidate Kelos Costigan, The Bad Company has a charter to both import/export goods, trade between races, and terminate Vanduul threats with extreme prejudice. This reinforces The Bad Company’s motto of: “Service, Courage, and Unity, with Humanity first.” The Bad Company operates primarily on the western fringe of UEE territory, occasionally venturing in for a Hit and Run strike against Vanduul interests. Whether you are a freighter captain, a snub fighter jockey, or an avid explorer of the stars, The Bad Company wants you! Far too long has the UEE and human society slipped into decline; it’s time to right the ship, and that time is now! Enlist today!

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The Bad Company (BC) was founded in 2006 as a merge of two teams. BC focuses on Tactical Realism in all of its past and current game platforms. BC plans to feature the upcoming game of Star Citizen as the primary game of the organization. BC currently supports the Arma series, Dayz mod and Standalone, War Thunder, League of Legends, Path of Exile, and Insurgency. We do not allow 'double clanning' or serving in multiple Organizations.

BC fields a member base that is primarily 21 and over and ex-military. We’re all adults with professional and personal lives outside of gaming. We do NOT tolerate any form of homophobia, racism, or any other bigotry. If you are a mature, team oriented player, there is a place in the BC ranks for you! Password : thebadco


Service, Courage and Unity



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The Bad Company Semper Fi !

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